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Everybody Jump!


I`ve written from a variety places, from Marrakesh, the beach in Gallipoli, from the uncomfortable seat of train F going to work in Harlem, but never in my life have I written from the jumpseat of a Airbus 777. I`m going back to the city (holidays are over …sigh), the flight went in overbooking and my only way to get to NYC was to accept the jumpseat.


The jumpseat is the service seat flight attendants seat on during takeoff and landing. It`s kinda cool tho, the way they write it on the boarding pass: `JMP.` I was standing next to a first class passenger that had seat 6D as written on his ticket and I thought `b*tch I travel JUMP, not a regular seat. Bite me.`

I have my theory on why JUMP seats have been given this name: because you want to JUMP off the plane when you see them. They have no cushion to rest your butt on, no armrest, the straightest back ever, and no tray. Well, I wouldn’t need a tray anyways because I’m not entitled to get a meal.

The flight assistants here have piety of me so they have been smuggling food. Too bad all the dishes are made with cheese/milk and I`m lactose intollerant. However, because I want to be nice, I cant refuse their help. Bottom line, I`ve been eating cheese and tonight I will probably be chained to bed with the biggest stomach ache of my life. Oh well, at least I`ll be in my bed and not in a random hotel in Rome…who wanted to do that after all… being paid to stay in a four star hotel in Rome. I`m an idiot. 

I even bought a book
…and I havent read a book in years. (no shame). I`ll probably read it all since there`s nothing for me to do here… I can`t find a comfortable position and I`ll soon get a headache from the music I`ve been blasting in my ears not to hear the noise of the plane`s engine.

`Sitting` here is making me appreciate the economy seats on an airplane that I used to complain of before. A girl sitting on one of those seats just stood up and told me `I couldn`t sit there anymore.` To which I answered : `wanna trade?` Needles to say, we stopped talking and she went back to her sit…she is watching a movie now. I dont even like movies, but right now I would be happy if i could even watch an episode of Winnie The Pooh

The Jumpxplorer.

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Let’s get Loud

Bonjour! (I don’t think I’ve ever used this greeting before..niiiice)

I write to you directly from my plane that’s bringing me home from Paris. I went there to see the Roland Garros and, let me tell you, I’ve had a final taste of what French nationalism is (and it was kind of a bitter one to be honest. My relationship with France is so weird.. Right when I think I made peace with it something happens. I’m not hating or anything… It’s just the way it goes and what happened yesterday is a perfect example of it). Central court, 1/8 match between the French Gael Monfils and the poor Spanish Guillermo Garcia Lorca. Why poor you may ask?

I saw 3 matches at the central court before that one and the court only got filled for that match (Rafa Nadal didn’t even get that many ppl to show up, except for Prince was there… No big deal, I grab coffee with him every other weekend.). Plus, the French fans got SO FREAKING LOUD. They celebrated with screams, songs and choreographies every time Monfils got a point.

The problem is, they did that even when Guillermo made an unforced mistake. As a tennis player (and a decent person) I know it’s not fair to celebrate on the opponent’s unforced mistake.. It’s kinda like complimenting a child when he poops… It’s not like he did something extraordinary. Child pooping….Gael making a point, same thing. Ive been to other tennis matches where the player plaid at home, like those at the Foro Italico tournament in Rome. We are Italians, loudness is in our DNA, but we weren’t as loud as them peeps. On top of that.. dear French fans, did you really need to celebrate every single point on a match that your player is winning 6-0 6-2? Right, didn’t think so. Living this behind… PARIS WAS DOPE, I even saw the tour Eiffel at night *_* so sparkly!!!!!!

A tout á l’heure, Le Nextplorèr.

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Fine China


I am writing to you directly from the Chinese Embassy in NYC (ignoring the “no mobile phone” sign cause I’m badass like that). I’m sure you know how annoying it is when you travel all the way to some random office only to find out you have the wrong documents and have to go back another time. I do too, and this is why I made sure I had all the 10473928391 documents needed. BUT, of course, even this time there was something wrong. I filled out the wrong form. So this is where I ended up:

I was sent to the back room of a Chinese restaurant so I could fill in the form online. Lolz. I tried so hard to speak Chinese but the guy looked at me like ‘what are you trying to do here
white lady?’ Sorray, just trying to be friendly! You’re a foreigner, I’m a foreigner, let’s be friends! Despite the passive aggressiveness, he checked that I completed every part of the form ( because, he said, “he didn’t want me to come back there.” Wow, too nice too nice .-. ). As I thanked him (yap, still attempted to do that in Chinese) and I approached the door to leave, he said ‘12 dollars.’ Da F*** ? That explained the “let me check that for you” stellar costumer service. Ohhhh well, I gave him 10$. I hadn’t been warned about the $12 few (which made the whole thing much more sketchy) so I handed him a 10 dollar bill. He looked at me weird and I said “c’mon we both now this is not exactly legal.” 
Don’t try to trick an Italian at what we do best..tricking people (hashtag truestory).
Well guys, I’m gonna wait for them to call my number, which, for the record, is 100 numbers away. You don’t understand how many freaking people have skipped the line to get in. I didn’t because I just can’t bring myself to skip the line, I feel so guilty (pussy).They made me wake up at 8 and this is what I get. Damn it.

The 中国xplorer.

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Maybe Get a Burger, a Sweet and Sour (FAKE) Chicken


Damn I just realized I didn’t take a picture of what I want to talk about in this post… I guess that’s when you know you were too taken by the moment to take a picture (excuses, excuses, excuses…). This is Sacred Chow restaurant:


My friend and I decided to share Tapas, but because the list of Tapas was too long, the names were too fancy for us, and because we just didn’t feel like making decisions on a late Sunday night, we asked the waiter for suggestions. We asked what the Nama Gori steak was. I mean, if it’s a vegan place, how could you have steak… weird. And that’s when he said “Oh it’s fake, mock, meat.” Waaaay to advertise your product lol.

Anyway, because the list of Tapas was too long, the names were too fancy for us, and because we just didn’t feel like making decisions on a late Sunday night, we picked whatever mock meat the guy wanted to sell us. Reactions? Eh.. it tasted like.. fake meat pretty much. But we ate it regardless because it was a late Sunday night and it was too late to go look for another place and eat something else without ending up digesting it by the end of next Sunday (I think y’all got that point <-and that hyperlink is totally random, I know.). 

JK guys.. the place was actually pretty good. I mean.. we ate everything so it can’t be that bad right? The mock meat was not the best, probs because I just love regular meat and because the fake one tasted kinda like licorice, which weirded me out quite a bit. Y’all should check this place out and let me know what you think about it. They’re so creative with their recipes! I will go back to try the Kale salad that my best friend suggested we got (and I’m starting to think we should have gone down that route instead.. eh whatevs). 

The Veggiexplorer.

Have you ever tried fake meat? Reactions HERE *makingthepussinbootsface*

Biggie Biggie Biggie, Can’t You See?


I was walking around East Village today when I came across this sign, which grabbed my attention as a hip hop aficionada:


Can you believe it??? Who cares about Versace, Biggie's sunglasses are gonna be in production again! At least… that's what I got from this sign. You wouldn't really need to pre-order something that has always been on the shelves, ya know? So I'm pretty sure that they are bringing those sunglasses back. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about seeing all them hipsters in New York throwing on a pair of Biggie’s sunglasses!

Nope, I will not buy them but I swear (!) I will applaud the person who does, take a picture with him/her, and put it up on the blog. Respect! Oh and… I would like to take a mo’ (new slang I created) to remember how amazing Christopher Wallace was how much his lisping yet confident rap has done for the music industry as we know it today—> this is for you.

The Hypnextplorer

FYI Biggie is Spin’s Artist of The Year!

The Teacher is Not Always Right


Today I approached my “design” (I don’t really consider myself as a designer) critique with quite the attitude for no reason (Im gonna blame it on my period.. tho Im not on it). I sat in the back of the class during the critique, commented on someone’s work, but only said good things (ya know.. I wanted to counterbalance my negative energy with positive thoughts) and waited for my turn. This is part of what I did: 

image.. and people started giving me advices. The thing is, for the first time in my life, I had the guts to say that I didn’t agree with them. No, I’m not gonna change my fish wrap into a box because you think it looks like a burrito. It’s a paper wrap that everyone who has ever bought fresh fish recognizes. No, I’m not gonna put a label on the bottle with “probiotic” written on it, that’s too easy, I want to change its shape so I don’t need to use words at all. Aren’t these supposed to be icons anyways? 

I’ve been doing this game-thingy in a lot of my classes. I gotta say, it makes me feel better and… smarter. I mean.. I’m a good student, but I finally realized that I can be an intellectual person (I don’t know if that’s even a thing, bear with me I’m trying to look smart here) if I actually challenge what people say, and who cares if it’s a teacher. We are all human, we can all be wrong, and we can all learn new things by confronting each other. (I’m not promoting a hunger-games scenario here, rather a Wendy Williams Show kinda set up.. a little more democratic and less bloody). 

How do you guys approach critiques? Let me know below or HERE!

The Thoughtfulxplorer ( Did you like a more reflective post? )

Voulez Vous Paté Avec Moi?


Its just one of those days when I feel like Id rather have a wrecking ball crash my apartment than go through school and work. Whiiiich means that its also one of those days when I think about the meaning of life and procrastinate on what I have to do.When I was in France to visit my sista I decided to go for a run around this lake:


Now…I aint a runner so I wore my Jeremy Scott Wings because they were the closest thing to running shoes that I had (FYI dont ever use them to run. I got a tendinitis and couldn’t walk for 10 days). As I was running this guy looked and me and asked me a very atypical question: “those sneakers are cool but.. why did you buy them?” That’s when it hit me. 

Why do we buy things? I mean, Im not saying we have to go around Adam and Eve style but.. why do we need things to define us? I like my sneakers, and I like things that look different from what everyone else has… why? Because I want to be different.. or because I want to look different. Hum.. some difference there. (please someone give me an award for how many times I was able to use the word “different” in the past paragraph). I told him that I bought them because they make me feel special, as in “I dont care about what people think because well.. life is just too short for having people ruining it with their judgments (aint nobody got time for that!). Somehow it kinda makes me sad that we need objects to define us.. but I really want to know what you guys think about this! Let me know below (if you are able to comment below.. I really dont get how this comment thing works.) or HERE!

Also… do you like the new look of the blog? 

Au revoir,

Le Nextplorér.

"I like to Move it Move it" vs. José Mourinho


Sooo things have been pretty hectic cause I don’t really know what to do with my life (I guess thats what happens when you turn 20, you kinda ask yourself deep life questions like “Who am I? Do Aliens exist? What am I gonna do when How I met Your Mother ends?). Anyways,I spent winter break in two places. The first one is Madagascar, the second one… well you’ll know about that on tomorrow’s post (trying to build suspense, ya know).


The best thing about Madagascar is the people (Trivia: Malgasy is how they are called). The natives there are so happy and spontaneously kind!

We went on a safari one day and our Malagasy guide, whose name is Gino, was amazing. Gino was able to see chameleons and snakes from MILES away. He told me that some time ago he discovered a new reptile specie, which he called “DINO.” Pretty cool,huh?Too bad that he was neva eva eva recognized for having discovered the DINO. Gino told me that he discovered the animal during a safari, just like the one I went to.

He gave the pictures, videos, etc.. to one of the tourists to bring back to Italy to proceed into classifying the animal. The animal is in the process of getting classified or has already. Guess who this lucky tourist was? José Mourinho. And guess what happened to Gino? Yap, you got it. Gino was never mentioned as the person who discovered the animal. 'Nough said. As I said before, Malgasy people are extremely nice.. too bad we, tourists, are not. 

What do you think about what José Mourinho did?

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The Nextplorer.

(Oh for the record (1) YES, I only went to Madagascar to see if Lemurs truly exist. (2) NO, King Julian is not real.)

I Wanna Rock With You


Hope y’all are chilling. I can tell that those of you who are in NYC definitely are. My friend said something about “New York weather being definitely bipolar” and I have got to agree: it’s mad cold today and to think that a week ago I was going out with just a T-shirt on (and pants don’t worry) makes me wanna screaaaaaam. Anyhow, on my way back home today I ran into this latest Union Square-made show:


Yes, those are robots. Yes, they were playing some real Motorhead out there. I won’t waste time trying to explain to you what they were doing, this video should do the trick (in this case more than ever, yey technology!). The name of the “worlds heaviest metal band” is Compressorhead .I pulled some info from the web to understand what this thing was all about. In the midst of people singing along and cameramen recording the whole thing, I didn’t get was going on… at all

Apparently, this band does legit concerts to which legit human beings go. As you can read here, the Union Square concert was organized from General Electrics to ”support GE’s futurism vision and to highlight its commitment to technology and the promises that broad-spanning technologies can bring” (Now I get the reason why General Electric's logo was everywhere…dah!). 

What do you guys think about this? I have to be honest, I have no idea whether this band is good or not because I know nothing about metal. I mean, I guess that the almost 6 million views and 66,731 likes on YouTube mean that they are but… maybe the people who go on YouTube know nothing about metal but dig the idea of robots playing music like me :D . 

The Metalexplorer.

How I Met Josh Radnor

Nope, I havent actually met him.

I went to a lecture/interview he gave at The New School. So Noooope, this is not a fan-kind “oh my god I love him" blog post. It’s more of a "that guy knows what he’s talking about" kinda post.  

imageIt’s been a rough couple of weeks for your dearest Nextplorer. You all kinda know me as a friendly happy person (I hope), but this past days I have let myself get stressed out. I took everything so seriously, school included.

Today, Josh Radnor touched upon this topic. He said that books are important because after one reads them, he (“she” for da ladies out theeere) gets the “wow” feeling of understanding more about daily happenings that only knowledge can give. However, Josh pointed out that we can sometimes use books to close ourselves off. This is what was happening to me. I like learning and I like spending time on it, but this time it was getting out of hands. I was learning, but I wasn’t learning for myself. I was learning because I felt obligated to, which brought me to putting learning before anything else.

On top of that, I would check my Instagram while studying and get the “my life sucks” feeling of seeing that other people seemed to be having much more fun than me while I was studying “butt on the chair”. I eventually decided to deleted Instagram and to some extent Facebook from my phone. Why worry about what other people are doing at all times? Let’s savor the little moments in our lives.  

Luckily enough, I have one of the best friends in the world. He redirected me to the right path and made me understand that I shouldn’t be taking everything so seriously (take it chill!). I mean, I certainly didn’t meet him while I was closed off in my room doing work. Which proves our point that while books and work are important, making time for yourself is too. This doesn’t mean spending a whole day listening to your iPod in the park, but also communicating with people, making time to talk and listen to whomever gives you the opportunity to do so. 

Im outta here, gonna go watch some How I met Your Mother (I’m Netflixing season 2 still. I’m so behind.)

Thanks for the talk, Josh!

PS: sorry for the long ass article, but I didn’t feel like cutting any of it off. I promise, I’ll go back to my 3 Paragraphs from now on ;)